Commit 066ac1fb authored by ab0027's avatar ab0027 💬

Generate LATEST file for builds

parent 6340400e
Pipeline #2202 passed with stages
in 119 minutes and 57 seconds
......@@ -276,6 +276,7 @@ push-artifacts:
- export DATE=$(date +'%Y-%m-%d')
- if [ $BUILD_TYPE = 'nightly' -o $BUILD_TYPE = 'devel' ]; then
/tmp/mc mb nx/maui/$BUILD_TYPE/$DATE/;
echo $DATE | /tmp/mc pipe nx/maui/$BUILD_TYPE/LATEST;
/tmp/mc cp *amd64*.AppImage nx/maui/$BUILD_TYPE/$DATE/;
/tmp/mc cp *arm64*.AppImage nx/maui/$BUILD_TYPE/$DATE/;
/tmp/mc cp *amd64*.deb nx/maui/$BUILD_TYPE/$DATE/;
......@@ -290,6 +291,14 @@ push-artifacts:
/tmp/mc mb nx/maui/$BUILD_TYPE/pix/$BRANCH_PIX/;
/tmp/mc mb nx/maui/$BUILD_TYPE/station/$BRANCH_STATION/;
/tmp/mc mb nx/maui/$BUILD_TYPE/contacts/$BRANCH_CONTACTS/;
echo $BRANCH_MAUIKIT | /tmp/mc pipe nx/maui/$BUILD_TYPE/mauikit/LATEST;
echo $BRANCH_INDEX | /tmp/mc pipe nx/maui/$BUILD_TYPE/index/LATEST;
echo $BRANCH_NOTA | /tmp/mc pipe nx/maui/$BUILD_TYPE/nota/LATEST;
echo $BRANCH_BUHO | /tmp/mc pipe nx/maui/$BUILD_TYPE/buho/LATEST;
echo $BRANCH_VVAVE | /tmp/mc pipe nx/maui/$BUILD_TYPE/vvave/LATEST;
echo $BRANCH_PIX | /tmp/mc pipe nx/maui/$BUILD_TYPE/pix/LATEST;
echo $BRANCH_STATION | /tmp/mc pipe nx/maui/$BUILD_TYPE/station/LATEST;
echo $BRANCH_CONTACTS | /tmp/mc pipe nx/maui/$BUILD_TYPE/contacts/LATEST;
/tmp/mc cp mauikit*amd64*.deb nx/maui/$BUILD_TYPE/mauikit/$BRANCH_MAUIKIT/;
/tmp/mc cp index*.AppImage nx/maui/$BUILD_TYPE/index/$BRANCH_INDEX/;
/tmp/mc cp index*amd64*.deb nx/maui/$BUILD_TYPE/index/$BRANCH_INDEX/;
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