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# Obi-Wine
To connect Wine and OpenBox into a unit. I have already made it possible to "design" ob-themes through the Wine controlpanel...
To connect Wine and OpenBox into a unit. I have already made it possible to "design" ob-themes through the Wine controlpanel... And it is intresting to se how easy it is to connect the two! I have made some "hacking" and will soon be uploding the few modules needed... Im not so good at more the more advanced programming... so there will just be some simple Python-code. Would very much that someone with a little bit higher programmig-skills would like to join the project... That is! Connecting Wine and Openbox in a smart and practikal way. I hav also made it possible to run the old (16-bit) win 3.1 controlpanel in Wine. This also meens that i can run old 16-bit windows programs under 64-bit Lubuntu. For example Aldus PageMaker and CorelDraw... This also makes the graphic design of Openbox even more intresting.
## Getting started
Please check out my "Retro" OB-themes... many tings that they do, can be created directly through this OB-Wine connection!
By the way.. Yes, the project sounds like Obi-One Kenobi from Star Wars! And i think that is a good theme for this theme-sharing project!
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## Getting started
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I have only uploaded a simple screenshot for now. But there is much more to come!
You will be able to run my openbox-designing controlpanels within Wine very soon!
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Ya, ya... I will!
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hehe... That is already done!
Almost no better selfexplaining name for this project!
OBi-Wine! OpenBox in Wine! ... its a bag-in-box Wine maybe Chardonnay called Obi-Wine! :-D
hm... Could call the project "Bag-In-Box" to when i think of it!... Nah, Obi-Wine will do!
Take out your lightsabers and fight for it! :-p
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