Commit d8429506 authored by Daniel Wagner's avatar Daniel Wagner Committed by David S. Miller
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net: net_cls: fd passed in SCM_RIGHTS datagram not set correctly

Commit 6a328d8c changed the update
logic for the socket but it does not update the SCM_RIGHTS update
as well. This patch is based on the net_prio fix commit


    net: netprio: fd passed in SCM_RIGHTS datagram not set correctly

    A socket fd passed in a SCM_RIGHTS datagram was not getting
    updated with the new tasks cgrp prioidx. This leaves IO on
    the socket tagged with the old tasks priority.

    To fix this add a check in the scm recvmsg path to update the
    sock cgrp prioidx with the new tasks value.

Let's apply the same fix for net_cls.
Signed-off-by: default avatarDaniel Wagner <>
Reported-by: default avatarLi Zefan <>
Cc: "David S. Miller" <>
Cc: "Eric W. Biederman" <>
Cc: Al Viro <>
Cc: John Fastabend <>
Cc: Neil Horman <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
parent a05948f2
......@@ -35,6 +35,7 @@
#include <net/sock.h>
#include <net/compat.h>
#include <net/scm.h>
#include <net/cls_cgroup.h>
......@@ -302,8 +303,10 @@ void scm_detach_fds(struct msghdr *msg, struct scm_cookie *scm)
/* Bump the usage count and install the file. */
sock = sock_from_file(fp[i], &err);
if (sock)
if (sock) {
sock_update_netprioidx(sock->sk, current);
sock_update_classid(sock->sk, current);
fd_install(new_fd, get_file(fp[i]));
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