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Pong by Charadon
This is a pong clone made in C using raylib as the main back bone of the code.
My goal with this project is:
1. Support as many platforms as possible. At the current time these are:
- Linux
- NetBSD
- FreeBSD
- Windows
The following platforms are planned with the reasons why they aren't yet:
- OpenBSD (Lack of c11 threads)
- Mac OSX (Need a virtual machine.)
- Haiku (Could work in theory, need to add a compile time option to
disable audio.)
- Hurd (I'll fuckin do it for the memes, mark my words...)
- OpenIndiana (Same issue as Haiku)
2. Make a fun, simple game.
3. Improve my coding skills. If you have any
criticism of my code, go ahead and leave an issue! Pointing out mistakes
is the only way I can learn.
The intended way for linux is to build it into a flatpak. Here are the
1. Install premake5
2. Run: `premake5 --prefix=/app --flatpak=true gmake2`
3. Run: `flatpak-builder --repo=flatpak_repo --user --install --force-clean build-dir net.iotib.Pong.yml`
4. Run: `flatpak build-bundle flatpak_repo net.iotib.Pong.flatpak net.iotib.Pong <version>`
5. You should now be able to distribute it.
If you decide to not use a flatpak on Linux, or you are using a BSD.
Here are the steps:
1. Install premake5
2. Run: `premake5 --prefix=/dir/to/prefix gmake2`
3. Run: `make -j$(nproc)`
4. Run: `premake5 install`
5. Go to your prefix, and you should see a Pong folder. Just run the and you should be good to go.
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