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*Make sure these are installed with their required version or higher! SDDM might need an enabled system service/daemon to work. This is often done automatically during installation. Take note that a lot of standard release distros like Debian, Mint, MX, Elementary, Deepin or Ubuntu LTS are still on earlier versions. If in doubt ask in your distros forums.*
**Debian based** distros using the **APT** package manager:
*(Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Kali/Neon/antiX etc.)*
<pre>sudo apt install --no-install-recommends sddm qml‑module‑qtquick‑layouts qml‑module‑qtgraphicaleffects qml‑module‑qtquick‑controls2 libqt5svg5</pre>
**Arch based** distros using the **pacman** package manger:
*(Obarun/Artix/Manjaro/KaOS/Chakra etc.)*
<pre>sudo pacman -S --needed sddm qt5‑graphicaleffects qt5‑quickcontrols2 qt5‑svg</pre>
**openSUSE** using the **zypper** package manager:
<pre>sudo zypper install sddm libqt5‑qtgraphicaleffects libqt5‑qtquickcontrols2 libQt5Svg5 libQt5Svg5</pre>
**Red Hat** based distros using the **dnf** package manager:
<pre>sudo dnf install sddm qt5‑qtgraphicaleffects qt5‑qtquickcontrols2 qt5‑qtsvg</pre>
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