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You asked for more, you shall get it. Sugar Candy is the latest release in the Sugar series of SDDM themes. It's so extremely sweet your pancreas will have difficulties digesting its awesomeness.
Sweeten the login experience for your users, your family and yourself. Sugar Candy works on almost all major distributions—see below—and focuses on a straight forward user experience and superb functionality while still offering vast customization possibilities.
......@@ -39,14 +38,14 @@ including: [`Qt Quick Controls 2`](
**Debian based** distros using the **APT** package manager:
*(Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Kali/Neon/antiX etc.)*
<pre>sudo apt install --no-install-recommends sddm qml‑module‑qtquick‑layouts qml‑module‑qtgraphicaleffects qml‑module‑qtquick‑controls2 libqt5svg5</pre>
**Arch based** distros using the **pacman** package manger:
*(Obarun/Artix/Manjaro/KaOS/Chakra etc.)*
<pre>sudo pacman -S --needed sddm qt5‑graphicaleffects qt5‑quickcontrols2 qt5‑svg</pre>
**openSUSE** using the **zypper** package manager:
<pre>sudo zypper install sddm libqt5‑qtgraphicaleffects libqt5‑qtquickcontrols2 libQt5Svg5 libQt5Svg5</pre>
**Red Hat** based distros using the **dnf** package manager:
<pre>sudo dnf install sddm qt5‑qtgraphicaleffects qt5‑qtquickcontrols2 qt5‑qtsvg</pre>
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