Commit 43a4cc0c authored by srfarias's avatar srfarias Committed by prady

jasmine: audio: set in_voice_rec_headset_mic

* track voice headset-mic acdb id since it seems to work correctly
* this is needed for youtube (mic search) and google recorder

Change-Id: I56ab24287eb497b9243f1f5ed853e08dad9671ed
parent af0e4399
......@@ -107,6 +107,7 @@
<device name="SND_DEVICE_IN_HEADSET_MIC" acdb_id="51"/>
<device name="SND_DEVICE_IN_VOICE_SPEAKER_MIC" acdb_id="291"/>
<device name="SND_DEVICE_IN_VOICE_HEADSET_MIC" acdb_id="307"/>
<device name="SND_DEVICE_IN_VOICE_REC_HEADSET_MIC" acdb_id="307"/>
<device name="SND_DEVICE_IN_CAMCORDER_MIC" acdb_id="4"/>
<device name="SND_DEVICE_IN_VOICE_DMIC" acdb_id="277"/>
<device name="SND_DEVICE_IN_VOICE_SPEAKER_DMIC" acdb_id="293"/>
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