jasmine: audio: enable back stereo audio recording

parent 6c20c96a
......@@ -66,7 +66,6 @@
<!-- In the below value string, the value indicates default mono -->
<!-- speaker. It can be set to either left or right -->
<param key="mono_speaker" value="left"/>
<param key="spkr_1_tz_name" value="wsatz.11"/>
<param key="spkr_2_tz_name" value="wsatz.12"/>
<param key="true_32_bit" value="true"/>
......@@ -122,7 +121,6 @@
<device name="SND_DEVICE_IN_CAPTURE_FM" acdb_id="0"/>
<device name="SND_DEVICE_IN_HANDSET_MIC_NS" acdb_id="533"/>
<device name="SND_DEVICE_IN_VOICE_REC_MIC_NS" acdb_id="533"/>
<device name="SND_DEVICE_IN_HANDSET_DMIC_STEREO" acdb_id="2069"/>
<device name="SND_DEVICE_IN_VOICE_SPEAKER_TMIC" acdb_id="295"/>
<device name="SND_DEVICE_IN_VOICE_USB_HEADSET_MIC" acdb_id="357"/>
<device name="SND_DEVICE_OUT_SPEAKER_EXTERNAL_1" acdb_id="14"/>
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