Commit e9512a06 authored by kunleiz's avatar kunleiz Committed by prady

jasmine: configs: add mixer path for voip echo reference

Add mixer path entries to support voip echo reference
with using AUDIO_REF_EC_UL10 mixer.

CRs-Fixed: 2329216
Change-Id: I5bcc653e5cb5d51c44745b04c2fb7290c681cc6c

taken from here
parent 2b6d92fb
......@@ -208,6 +208,7 @@
<!-- HFP end -->
<!-- echo reference -->
<ctl name="AUDIO_REF_EC_UL1 MUX" value="None" />
<ctl name="AUDIO_REF_EC_UL10 MUX" value="None" />
<!-- usb headset -->
<ctl name="AFE_PCM_RX Audio Mixer MultiMedia1" value="0" />
<ctl name="AFE_PCM_RX Audio Mixer MultiMedia2" value="0" />
......@@ -478,6 +479,21 @@
<ctl name="AUDIO_REF_EC_UL1 MUX" value="I2S_RX" />
<path name="echo-reference-voip">
<ctl name="AUDIO_REF_EC_UL10 MUX" value="INT0_MI2S_RX" />
<path name="echo-reference-voip handset">
<ctl name="AUDIO_REF_EC_UL10 MUX" value="I2S_RX" />
<path name="echo-reference-voip headphones">
<ctl name="AUDIO_REF_EC_UL10 MUX" value="INT0_MI2S_RX" />
<path name="echo-reference-voip headphones-44.1">
<path name="deep-buffer-playback">
<ctl name="INT0_MI2S_RX Audio Mixer MultiMedia1" value="1" />
......@@ -2528,7 +2544,7 @@
<path name="headphones" />
<path name="speaker" />
<path name="speaker-safe-and-headphones">
<path name="headphones" />
<path name="speaker-safe" />
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