Commit 53fa419a authored by Max Weffers's avatar Max Weffers Committed by prady

sdm660-common: overlay: Remove unneeded network radio and iwlan overlays

Change-Id: I2f4068dcd4ebe4474e268407a5a733f8d8c14386
parent b502d708
......@@ -948,9 +948,6 @@
one bar higher than they actually are -->
<bool name="config_inflateSignalStrength">true</bool>
<!-- Whether device ignores the RSSNR signal implementation -->
<bool name="config_ignoreRssnrSignalLevel">true</bool>
<!-- This string array should be overridden by the device to present a list of network
attributes. This is used by the connectivity manager to decide which networks can coexist
based on the hardware -->
......@@ -1013,21 +1010,9 @@
<!-- Whether the new Auto Selection Network UI should be shown -->
<bool name="config_enableNewAutoSelectNetworkUI">false</bool>
<!-- Enable dual LTE capability support-->
<bool name="config_dual_LTE_capability">true</bool>
<!-- Whether the device has outdated qti-telephony-common.jar -->
<bool name="config_oldQtiTelephony">false</bool>
<!-- Is the device capable of hot swapping an ICC Card -->
<bool name="config_hotswapCapable">true</bool>
<!-- The RadioAccessFamilies supported by the device.
Empty is viewed as "all". Only used on devices which
format is UMTS|LTE|... -->
<string translatable="false" name="config_radio_access_family">CDMA|EVDO|GSM|TD_SCDMA|WCDMA|LTE</string>
<!-- Config determines whether to update phone object when voice registration
state changes. Voice radio tech change will always trigger an update of
phone object irrespective of this config -->
......@@ -1147,13 +1132,6 @@
rmem_min,rmem_def,rmem_max,wmem_min,wmem_def,wmem_max -->
<string name="config_wifi_tcp_buffers" translatable="false">524288,2097152,8388608,262144,524288,4194304</string>
<!-- Integer parameters of the wifi to cellular handover feature
wifi should not stick to bad networks -->
<integer name="config_wifi_framework_wifi_score_bad_rssi_threshold_5GHz">-100</integer>
<integer name="config_wifi_framework_wifi_score_low_rssi_threshold_5GHz">-100</integer>
<integer name="config_wifi_framework_wifi_score_bad_rssi_threshold_24GHz">-100</integer>
<integer name="config_wifi_framework_wifi_score_low_rssi_threshold_24GHz">-100</integer>
<!-- dual sap mode is supported on this device. -->
<bool name="config_wifi_dual_sap_mode_enabled">true</bool>
......@@ -1204,20 +1182,6 @@
<bool name="config_wifiDisplaySupportsProtectedBuffers">true</bool>
<!-- Configuration to enable non-default PDP during IWLAN -->
<bool name="config_feature_iwlan_enabled">true</bool>
<!-- IWLAN data service package name to bind to by default. If none is specified in an overlay, an
empty string is passed in -->
<string name="config_wlan_data_service_package">vendor.qti.iwlan</string>
<!-- IWLAN network service package name to bind to by default. If none is specified in an overlay, an
empty string is passed in -->
<string name="config_wlan_network_service_package">vendor.qti.iwlan</string>
<!-- Telephony qualified networks service package name to bind to by default. -->
<string name="config_qualified_networks_service_package">vendor.qti.iwlan</string>
<!-- If true, the display will be shifted around in ambient mode. -->
<bool name="config_enableBurnInProtection">true</bool>
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