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sdm660: XiaomiParts: PT-rBR translation update

Missing Strings Translation
organization of strings

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!--Generated by>
Copyright (C) 2018 The PixelExperience Project
<!-- Copyright (C) 2018 The Xiaomi-SDM660 Project
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at
Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
......@@ -16,34 +17,42 @@
<string name="advanced_settings">Xiaomi Parts</string>
<string name="advanced_settings_summary">Configurações adicionais</string>
<string name="display_title">Display</string>
<string name="display_title">Display</string>
<!-- KCal -->
<!-- Mi Note 3 Settings -->
<string name="jason_pref_title">Configurações do dispositivo</string>
<string name="jason_pref_summary">Configurações adicionais do Mi Note 3</string>
<!-- KCal -->
<string name="device_kcal_title">Exibir Calibração de Cores</string>
<string name="device_kcal_title">Exibir Calibração de Cores</string>
<!-- Notification LED brightness -->
<string name="notification_title">Notificações LED</string>
<string name="notification_led_title">Brilho do LED</string>
<!-- Ambient Display -->
<string name="ambient_display_xiaomi">Xiaomi Doze</string>
<string name="advanced_doze_summary">Tela Ambiente</string>
<string name="vibration_title">Retorno tátil</string>
<string name="vibration_title">Feedback tátil</string>
<string name="vibration_strength_title">Força</string>
<!-- Thermal Profiles -->
<!-- Thermal Profiles -->
<string name="thermal_profile_title">Térmico</string>
<string name="thermal_title">Configurações térmica</string>
<string name="thermal_summary">Escolha seu perfil Térmico</string>
<string name="thermal_dialogTitle">Escolha seu perfil Térmico</string>
<!-- Values for Thermal Presets -->
<!-- Values for Thermal Presets -->
<string name="thermal_performance">Performance</string>
<string name="thermal_battery">Bateria</string>
<string name="thermal_gaming">Jogo</string>
<string name="thermal_balance">Equilibrado</string>
<string name="thermal_extreme_battery">Bateria Extrema</string>
<string name="audio_title">Áudio</string>
<string name="audio_title">Áudio</string>
<!-- Dirac settings -->
<!-- Dirac settings -->
<string name="dirac_title">Aprimoramento de Som Mi</string>
<string name="dirac_summary">Otimizar qualidade de áudio</string>
<string name="dirac_headset_title">Escolher tipo de fone de ouvido</string>
......@@ -122,12 +131,13 @@
<string name="hall_wakeup_title">Ligar a tela com Flip Cover</string>
<string name="hall_title">Ativar ligar a tela com Flip Cover</string>
<string name="hall_wakeup_summary">Ligar a tela através do Flip Cover magnético</string>
<!-- menu -->
<string name="kcal_presets">@string/presets_dialog_title</string>
<string name="kcal_reset">Redefinir</string>
<!-- CustomSeekBarPreference -->
<string name="edit_value">Escolha um novo valor</string>
<string name="default_value">Valor Padrão</string>
<string name="edit_hint">Valor entre %1$d e %2$d</string>
\ No newline at end of file
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