Commit ffa3019e authored by Max Weffers's avatar Max Weffers Committed by prady

sdm660-common: init: remove double definied services

*they are moved to vendor blob rc files

Change-Id: If213f6ba26f9f6d4e6ac3799a1d70ab4e2f3713f
parent c84260db
......@@ -608,25 +608,6 @@ service vendor.irsc_util /vendor/bin/irsc_util "/vendor/etc/sec_config"
writepid /dev/cpuset/system-background/tasks
service vendor.rmt_storage /vendor/bin/rmt_storage
class core
user root
shutdown critical
ioprio rt 0
service vendor.tftp_server /vendor/bin/tftp_server
class core
user root
group root system
service vendor.port-bridge /system/vendor/bin/port-bridge
class main
user radio
group radio system inet
writepid /dev/cpuset/system-background/tasks
service vendor.sensors /vendor/bin/sscrpcd sensorspd
class early_hal
user system
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