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# IttuSddm
A project to animate your login manager
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A project to animate your login manager
### Installation
Install from Plasma SystemSettings:
[ SystemSettings > Startup and Shutdown > LoginScreen(SDDM) > GetNew > Search: ittu > Install ]
or download the file *ittu.tar.gz* and run from your terminal
sudo tar -xvf ~/Downloads/ittu.tar.gz -C /usr/share/sddm/themes
### Usage
Select the theme from the SystemSettings of plasma KDE
SystemSettings ~> Startup and Shutdown ~> select *ittu* and click on Apply button
### Change animation GIF
Search, select (or place) your favorite animation (square shape) in:
the gif for your user is **$USER.gif** where $USER is your user name,
#Example to use animation 7.gif
cd /usr/share/sddm/themes/ittu/components/artwork/gifs/
sudo cp 7.gif $(whoami).gif
* All animations from *giphy*
### Basic configurations
Edit the file **/usr/share/sddm/themes/ittu/theme.conf**
background=components/artwork/background.jpg #path to file
blur=true #true or false, enable blur effect
blurRadius=30 #from 0 to 100, radius of blur
shape=circle #circle or rectangle, shape of avatars
avatarTransparent=false #true or false, draw background
avatarColor="#dcdcdc" #background of animations
factorSizeAvatar=0.75 #size of avatars
## Test our Look & Feel
Neve (snow) look & feel for Plasma
<span style="color:red"> **- Look & Feel ** </span> install from
[ SystemSettings > Look and Feel > Get New Theme > Search "Neve" > Install ]
or Download [here](
### Coffee
Thanks for all the support :coffee: . If you liked my job please Pling <img src="" alt="pling" style="width:28px;" /> the project or/and rate (above in the + symbol) or/and make a donation [here]( [<img src="" style="width:72px;">]( Have fun ;)
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