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# A complete service menu to compare your files or folders with meld on KDE-Desktop.
## Functioning
To handed the files to meld, you have two choices.
### variant A
Clicking the right mouse button on a file or folder using the menu item "Set file/folder" the first argument set to compare. In the background, the file/folder is stored as a variable in the /tmp directory.
In another file or another folder will now be using the menu option "Compare with file/folder" is a 2-way comparison of these two starts. For this purpose, in the background, the first argument is read and compared to the currently specified.
- The files/folders can be located in different places.
- Only a 2-way comparison.
- Somewhat more complicated in the input.
### variant B
This variation in Dolphin initially up to three files or folders selected. With the menu item "selected comparisons files/folders" this selection is passed to meld.
- A 3-way comparison is possible.
- Easier to enter.
- The files/folders must be in the same folder.
## Install
The file is dependent on meld. This can be easily installed via the package manager.
### KDE Framework 5
Storage location as there are 2 paths to choose from.
Copy the file to:
_~/.local/share/kservices5/ServiceMenus/ (current user)_
_/usr/share/kservices5/ServiceMenus/ (all users)_
With the command _"kf5-config --path services"_, the paths could be checked.
### KDE 4
Storage location as there are 2 paths to choose from.
Copy the file to:
_~/.kde4/share/kde4/services/ServiceMenus/ (current user)_
_/usr/share/services/ServiceMenus/ (all users)_
With the command _"kde4-config --path services"_, the paths could be checked.
## Translation
If your language is not included? Please translate it and send me a message or write a comment. Then I take the language into the script.
## Vote
A positive assessment encourages progress to the development. Don't forget the vote please.
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[Desktop Entry]
X-KDE-Submenu=Meld menu
X-KDE-Submenu[de]=Meld Menü
X-KDE-Submenu[es]=Meld menú
X-KDE-Submenu[fr]=Meld menu
[Desktop Action setArg1]
Exec=echo "%U" > /tmp/meld-menu-arg1
Name=Set file/folder
Name[de]=Setze Datei/Ordner
Name[es]=Marcar archivo/carpeta
Name[fr]=Marquer le fichier/dossier
[Desktop Action diff]
Exec=ARG1=$(cat /tmp/meld-menu-arg1);meld "$ARG1" %U; rm /tmp/meld-menu-arg1;
Name=Compare with file/folder
Name[de]=Vergleiche mit Datei/Ordner
Name[es]=Comparar con el archivo/carpeta marcado
Name[fr]=Comparer avec le fichier/dossier marqué
[Desktop Action selected]
Exec=meld %U; rm /tmp/meld-menu-arg1;
Name=Compare selected files/folder
Name[de]=Vergleiche ausgewählte Dateien/Ordner
Name[es]=Comparar los archivos/carpetas seleccionadas
Name[fr]=Comparer les fichiers/dossiers sélectionnés
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