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Update info about compressed musicXML co-author

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......@@ -172,9 +172,9 @@ Tflickable {
width: aboutCont.width - NOO.factor() * 4; height: contentHeight
spacing: NOO.factor() / (NOO.isAndroid() ? 4 : 2)
model: [
"<b>José Luis Marín</b> for work with compressed musicXML files, intensive tests under Linux and great feedback.",
"<b>Andreas</b> for help with ukulele (advices, samples, images).",
"<b>Renato Reinau</b> for animate boost of handling bandoneon by Nootka and substantial guidance in that matter.",
"<b>José Luis Marín</b> for patient and intensive tests under Linux and great feedback.",
"<b>Aaron Wolf</b> <a href=\"\"></a> for many warm words about Nootka in the web and helping clues.",
"<b>falkTX</b> from <a href=\"\"></a> for building *.deb and testing and for many clues.",
"<b>Users</b> of <a href=\"\"></a> forum for testing and comments.",
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