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Portable And Multifunctional Costway Sewing Machine For Beginners

Costway Sewing Machine is outstanding with good light and useful accessories. Furthermore, it has 16 built-in stitch and 2-speed Automatic thread rewind, which can be adjusted easily. After being on sale, this sewing machine has received positive reviews from users.

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Simple sewing machine for beginners

Plenty Functions For A Sewing Machine

Many sewing machines now are multifunctional, but Costway definitely has something special. It can do more tasks than sewing only, such as thread cut, automatic winding, adjustable density, reverse sewing, one-step button sewing. Although this machine is quite small, you can still use it to sew thick clothing material like jeans or leather easily.

An Available Built-in Lighting System

You must hate it bitterly when you have to sew but there is not enough light. It may make your line of thread ugly and uneven. As a result, you may even have to throw the clothes away. However, it is not a big deal anymore with this Costway Sewing Machine.

There is a built-in lighting system inside the machine, so it will provide you enough light for working. Furthermore, despite the small size, there is still a spacious drawer inside this pretty sewing machine, which allows you to keep accessories for use whenever you need.

For the style of sewing line, you also have various choices. There are 16 line types provided in this machine, so based on the material or the design of the clothes that you may want to use different styles that match.

A Portable Machine With Small Size And Lightness

We have heavy duty sewing machine reviews right here if you want to take a look through a list of stronger models, but for now, this is a review for a light and convenient option.

Sewing machine for beginners

Because of the small size and insignificant weight, you can feel free to bring this machine along if needed. Do not worry that a rough surface may make your machine unstable for sewing. There is a pad available to carry along in case you want to sew but cannot find a flat surface to place the machine on. This pad can also protect the bottom of your machine, prevent it from being scratched.

Changeable Speeds By Switching The Buttons

There are two speeds for the machine to run. Depending on your ability and the demand, you can switch between speeds to complete the work. You just have to push the button to change the speed to the level you expect. The speed of sewing may affect the resulting product strongly, so make sure that you can keep pace with the speed you choose.

To start the sewing machine, there are two different ways you can do. The first way is to press the starting button. The second way, you can do by pushing the pedal, using the treads and the machine will run immediately.

Bonus Accessories For More Convenience

Not many sewing machines contain the following accessories like Costway. With them, you can do your work more easily and quickly. The set of bonus accessories includes 2 bobbins, 1-foot pedal, 64 windings, and 2 thread spools. Moreover, there are other extra parts you can only find in this portable sewing machine.

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