Commit 46cd37e8 authored by Darrell Kienzle's avatar Darrell Kienzle Committed by Daniel Robinson
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add logic to limit orchestration directory cleanup to at most once/hour

parent 40dc63b9
......@@ -20,6 +20,7 @@ import (
......@@ -301,6 +302,36 @@ func isLegacyAssociationDirectory(log log.T, commandOrchestrationPath string) (b
return false, nil
// Global variables to throttle the impact of constantly rechecking the stale orchestation files
var cleanupLock sync.Mutex
var inCleanup = make(map[string]bool)
var nextCleanup = make(map[string]time.Time) // okay that these will default to start of epoch
func getLock(name string) bool {
defer cleanupLock.Unlock()
if inCleanup[name] {
return false
if !nextCleanup[name].IsZero() && time.Now().Before(nextCleanup[name]) {
return false
inCleanup[name] = true
return true
func releaseLock(name string) {
defer cleanupLock.Unlock()
inCleanup[name] = false
func updateTime(name string) {
defer cleanupLock.Unlock()
nextCleanup[name] = time.Now().Add(time.Minute * 60)
// DeleteOldOrchestrationDirectories deletes expired orchestration directories based on retentionDurationHours and associationRetentionDurationHours.
func DeleteOldOrchestrationDirectories(log log.T, instanceID, orchestrationRootDirName string, retentionDurationHours int, associationRetentionDurationHours int) {
defer func() {
......@@ -309,6 +340,14 @@ func DeleteOldOrchestrationDirectories(log log.T, instanceID, orchestrationRootD
log.Errorf("Stacktrace:\n%s", debug.Stack())
// if somebody else is cleaning up this directory, or if it's too soon to try again, bail.
if !getLock(orchestrationRootDirName) {
// make certain that we release our hold if something goes sideways
defer releaseLock(orchestrationRootDirName)
orchestrationRootDir, dirNames, err := getOrchestrationDirectoryNames(log, instanceID, orchestrationRootDirName, appconfig.DefaultDocumentRootDirName)
if err != nil {
log.Debugf("Failed to get orchestration directories under %v", err)
......@@ -350,7 +389,9 @@ func DeleteOldOrchestrationDirectories(log log.T, instanceID, orchestrationRootD
log.Debugf("Completed orchestration directory clean up")
// DeleteSessionOrchestrationDirectories deletes expired orchestration directories based on session retentionDurationHours.
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