Commit f4b36890 authored by Vishnu Karthik Ravindran's avatar Vishnu Karthik Ravindran Committed by Faho Shubladze
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parent ee8ebf12
- Add serial port logging of AwsNitroEnclaves package version on windows during startup
- Allow usage of existing loggroup/logstream when the user does not have create permission
- Change service interrogate request log to debug
- Cleanup old surveyor channel files on startup
- Fix filehandle leak in windows leading to agent going offline
- Fix to schedule correct next run time during orchestration directories cleanup
- Fix to sequentially update correct runcount value in the document bookkeeping file
- Fix a bug with version parsing EC2Config updater
- Updated rpm packaging for fips compliance
- Added darwin arm64 to makefile
- Added logic to limit orchestration directory cleanup
- Added packaging for public SSM Agent container image
......@@ -8,6 +20,7 @@ Latest
- Fixed agent worker handling of OS signals and termination channel requests
- Updated datachannel retry strategy to not retry for a specific error scenario
- Updated default gomaxproc value for Windows
- Update build to use go1.16.6
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