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    Paperplane Extended [24/09/2019] [v5.0] · bbbf91af
    Avinash Reddy authored
    Here's what new in this update.
    - Slimmed down the Dockerfile for added performance.
    - Upgraded Telethon to the latest stable version.
    - Switched from broken pytube to youtube-dl for media scraping modules.
    - Reworked the welcomes, snips, notes and filters to avoid FILE_ID expiry error. (This has made it compulsory for you to have a valid BOTLOG_CHATID set for your userbot.)
    - Optimized the errors_handler for error log generation.
    - The unsafe triggers for command prefix is now defined in the wrapper instead of the module code.
    - Now, kicks should not ban users from the chat.
    - Made few commands shorter and easier to use.
    - Admin commands like kicks, (g)mutes, and bans can now take an extra (optional) parameter to show reason.
    - The promote command can now take an extra (optional) parameter, to give new admins a custom rank.
    - The delusers module now has better probability in removing all deleted accounts from the chat.
    - Rolled back to memory based AFK instead of db for better NON-SQL support, plus some sneaky surprises.
    - Minor improvements in the Android related modules.
    - Added the ability to fetch torrents using the new Aria module.
    - Added the mention module back on popular demand.
    - Added ability to upload directories into Google Drive. [BETA, expect bugs]
    - Added ability to search for stuff within your Google Drive storage.
    - Added some new memes, check them out.
    - Added some developer tools for easier module development.
    - The PMPermit and AutoApprove feature are much saner now.
    - Added ability to select separate languages for TTS and TRT modules, plus additional assistance in setting up the language codes.
    - Adapted the scraper to the changes in website.
    - Asynced some helper functions, should not be blocking other modules when using those.
    - Added a new spam module, enjoy (Don't blame me for getting banned tho.)
    - Reworked the time and date module to handle countries with many timezones.
    Plus lots of minor improvements and fixes, enjoy !!
    Co-authored-by: default avatarbaalajimaestro <>
    Co-authored-by: default avatarGegham Zakaryan <>
    Co-authored-by: default avatarRaphiel Rollerscaperers <>
    Co-authored-by: default avatarKandarp <>
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