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    Filter tweaks (#186) · d14b0ec0
    zerodat authored
    * restore missing build:css rule
    * allow case-insensitive matches in project, context names
    * allow more alternate syntaxes in filter expressions
    - allow the syntax "(A)" to mean "pri == A"
    - allow the operator "=" as an alternate form of "=="
    - let quoted project or context names include ( or ).
    - allow short forms YYYY or YYYY-MM to mean first day of year or month
      in date expressions, eg "due < 2021" means before 2021-01-01.
    - allow the syntax "due:DATE" to mean string match due date
      against prefix DATE,e eg: "due:2021" means due date begins with 2021.
    * simple text color feedback for query validity
    * bug fix to the due:DATESTR feature